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Yoga philosophy for young minds.

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Compassion & Patience Zap Raps…

a universal language coming from and speaking to the heart of the being.

Zap Raps start to train the mind from early on. 

They naturally connect to the Watcher or the Witness to create a space for conscious choice and response.

Their message and application is equally relevant to adult and child.

 The link and excerpt below clearly communicate the value of seeding this awareness in the mind for a successful life.

 Mind Training matters!

This is not just a luxury…This is not a supplementary vitamin for the soul; this is something that’s going to determine the  quality of every instant of our lives. 

We are ready to spend 15 years achieving education. We love to do jogging, fitness. We do all kinds of things to remain beautiful.

Yet we spend surprisingly little time taking care of what matters most: the way our mind functions.

Which, again, is the ultimate thing that determines the quality of our experience.



1. “KEEP IT FRESH!”:  Fruit sculptures are as fresh as you can get.   Do you remember those little umbrellas that accompanied fruit in drinks and decorated sandwiches?   I purchased a box of these for snack at Yoga Camp.  It was a great way to get the kids to eat our healthy snack of fruits, share their creativity, and stay engaged. The other great thing about this activity is that it is enjoyable for a span of ages, everyone is successful at it, and it provides a great background for Yoga Talks….In the same way we feed our body good food and our bodies get happy, feeding our mind good food makes our mind happy. Zap Raps are good mind food, teaching us to be patient, to listen, to be kind and loving, and to stay focused.

Umbrella Snax.jpg  Umbrella Snax 01.jpg

  • 2.BREATH!   Patience Breath:
  • Whisper your name….gently... calmly... slowly. 
  • Now breathe your name in and out with a whisper...gently... calmly... slowly.
  • Now breathe that whispering  breath in through the nose….Stop…wait....
  • Breathe the whispering  breath out through the nose….
  • Now zap your Patience arms smoothly and steadily, horizontally and vertically,  while repeating the word ‘Patience’ keeping time with your in and out breath.


  • 1.  “KEEP IT FLUID”: There are many ways to keep Zap Raps vibrant and relevant.  Using these as a theme, one can incorporate a story; often I use real life events to exemplify the quality.  For example, Julia Butterfly Hill lived 180 ft high on an 8 X 10 platform for over two years to represent the plight of the old growth forest and the reckless practices of logging companies motivated by greed. That is PATIENCE! FOCUS! and COMPASSION!  On my CD, Here Come the Bees, I sing it with my  young friends.  This works wonderfully for the game below.
  • 2. “SOS!”: Sometimes children act in unconscious ways that can appall the adult. It seems that it should be obvious to the child.  This can evoke a strong reaction that expresses itself with ‘incredulous reprimand’. I have seen myself do this many times, especially when I am referee-ing disputes amongst my grandchildren. I find this method does not work to communicate appropriate behavior.  It was a great liberation when I clicked into a much more effective way, clearly offering an alternative way of dealing with the situation. 
    A typical scenario with a young child would be in a situation where a toy is being ripped out of someone else’s hands.  Here, the child can watch how the adult can patiently request and receive the coveted object; then he/she is asked to perform the request in the same way.  With older kids, humour and guided conversation can avoid the turn-off syndrome.  In Yoga, they call it ‘Self Realization’, with special emphasis on the Self!
  • 3.  “POWER OF REPEAT”: One should never be surprised at how often one has to remember and practice the pause…that allows one to transition from a reaction response to an awareness response. Patience…Patience…and when showing it, one should be feeling it and attuning to it deeply at its Source, or Pure Awareness.  
  • 4.  GAME: 3 ring circus: Spread out 3 Yoga mats and have the Yogis line up behind them.  (The number of mats can vary with the number of students). Take 2 full breaths to deeply connect with each step below. Strike a bell or chime…
    • a. The first person steps on the mat into Tadaasana. (Full Breaths)
    • b.2nd ring:  Enters the pose. Takes 2 or 3 breaths in the pose.  If the posture is done on one side, then it is repeated on the other.  If not, then one comes out of the posture, repeats it again, and resumes Tadaasana when done.
    • c.3rd ring: Step off the mat and sit down facing the mat to watch the next person in the line perform their pose.

The game continues in this manner until all the children in the line have
had their chance to perform their posture.


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Mentorship Program with Jacqueline Maloney

Would you like to get your feet wet before you dive into teaching your very own Kids’ Yoga class? Then, this mentorship program is for you! You’ll  gain confidence and practical teaching experience under the guidance of an experienced children’s yoga instructor. For more details, email Jacqueline Maloney (RCYT) at or go to

For anyone who would like an opportunity to observe and participate in teaching a Kids` Yoga Class, I highly recommend Jacqueline as a skilled, devoted, and inspiring Kids` Yoga Maataa!

Gina Minutello, TO:

Thorncliffe is going Yoga mad!  Clubs for our grade 3-5 students and continuing yoga in our Kindie PE program!  I've been using your theme books "Focus" and "Compassion".  Loving it and so are the kids!

This is one of the largest elementary schools in North America. They have very little space for physical activity, which makes Yoga all the more important. 

Georgette Metcalfe, Whistler:

I am also including this again, since it reinforces the value of the Heart Window breath.
I, and the children, particularly LOVE the heart window breathing...I even use it in my adult classes.
Also, the Peace breath is quite calming and helps to rebalance a class where there is a little too much energy and lack of focus.

 For Our Teachers

Teaching Opportunity: 

My name is Madeleine and I own a pre-school in North Vancouver at 1182 Welch street. We are close to Capilano Mall.

My phone number is 604-729-6538. The name of our centre is KUDDLES.

I would love to find the right teacher to incorporate Yoga into our curriculum. I am looking for someone to deliver a fun filled class once per week for 1/2hr - 45 min.

Best Regards,


Parent seeking KY class for 9 yr old girl.  Kerrisdale area or thereabouts.
Write me if you want to contact the mum.

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