"I have been a great devotee of the Chant for over 30 years. 
The first time I heard the chanting of mantras, I was transported, 
overwhelmed by profound joy and peace. 
Chants are simple, exquisite expressions of the Divine Presence. 
They unite the singer, the song, the singing, and the Source. 
Many voices merge into one. 

Chanting brings Light and focus to my meditation seat. It washes away the irrelevant, clears the inner sky, and deepens the soul. Joelle and Carrie, my beautiful daughters, have also been graced with this great attraction. It is an invaluable offering that we share together and with friends around us. Please come sing with us at one of our on-going events. It is our greatest joy to hear the expression of open hearts radiating the energy of peace and delight into our lives and into this world.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!"



A joyful opening of voice, heart, mind, breath and spirit in a warm and supportive atmosphere.  Add new depth and dimension to your Yoga practice and your LIFE! You don't need to know Sanskrit. You don't need to know how to sing. With bhajans (devotional songs), chants, singing in Hindi, Sanskrit, and English,  let the spirit flow in co-creative synergy. 

The music stirs, the energy vibrates, the drums resound, and the Self delights in a joyous, liberating, affirming, pure expression of life energy. 

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