Hatha Yoga

What kind of Yoga Do You Do?

People ask, “What kind of Yoga do you do?”
An amazing discovery that I have made is that
I do ‘My’ Yoga.
Yoga is custom designed for me by Me.
The more the multi-faceted diamond of Yoga shines,
the more I fit in my skin, rest in my head, live in my vision.
Iyengar, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Hatha.... is Yoga...
all Yoga....taking us home.....Home to ourself where we belong,
forever and ever.
Myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, themself, ourself...
All Self....
‘My’ Yoga is the Yoga that belongs to each and everyone who does Yoga.

What can I expect to get out of Yoga?

  • My awareness of balance, calm, stability and energy grows as the connection to my core center deepens.

  • I feel the integration, connectedness, and alignment of all my body parts—bones, muscles, and organs-- as the energy currents that flow through Aasana become internalized & eternalized!

  • I cultivate an intimate and intuitive understanding of breath, how it moves through and guides my body/mind to vitality and harmony.

  • I notice myself growing a healthy awareness of how I stand, walk, sit, and move: an overall feeling that I live comfortably and freely in my body and mind as I am and where I am.

  • I take the time to step out of my ordinary pre-occupations and involvements to notice my innermost thoughts and feelings.

  • I observe the ongoing evolution of strength, confidence, centered-ness, patience, and discipline in thought and action through familiar Aasana flows and the challenge of new forms of Aasana that invite me to penetrate the unknown.

  • I become absorbed in the direct experience of stillness, peace, and the sense of total well-being.

  • I rest.... dynamically charged, blissfully aware, under a soft blanket, deeply relaxed, as the strains of Maalaa’s guitar, voice, and beloved songs fill the room. I melt, float, and resurrect, feeling refreshed, relaxed, and renewed.

  • I enjoy sharing in the warmth, talent, and expression of my fellow Yogis as we bond in this sacred space.