Hatha Yoga ~ Island Yoga Yatras

A theme of our Island Yoga Yatra was the idea of the fountain....

The Fountain Maalaa

Imagine a fountain in your mind's eye. The current that surges up through the center is constant, receiving its power from that which is unseen. Each stream that emanates from out of and around that center takes on the character of the flow out of which it has emerged. Each stream is direct in its course, and exuberantly plays its part in the dance of the waters.

The Fountain of Life is flowing through our breath, our thought, our feelings, our actions, our movements.endlessly flowing. Just as each bead of water is intricately connected to the one before it, to the air in which it moves, and to the space where it lands, every aspect of ourself is an expression of that eternal flow.

When Yoga flows from the core of being, the core of feeling, thinking, moving and knowing, a grace and harmony infuse the whole person inside and out. Yoga liberates the fountain of energy flowing from the Source that fills you from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head and beyond.

Draw up the energy of the earth through the center, and watch as it uplifts, supports, and reaches out through the arms, stretches the spine, lifts the legs, channels the breath. Heaviness can transform into lightness, exertion into concentration. The sense that 'I am doing' which is intricately tied into how I am doing, (as in well, better, worse, right, wrong, etc. ) dissolves into the immediacy of the moment at hand. The attention is held in the unbroken flow of breath, action and stillness, which are all going on simultaneously. This is the Yoga of Yoga.