Hatha Yoga ~ The Perfect Edge

The 'Perfect Edge' was a thought-provoking theme to contemplate and explore as we performed Aasana and delved into the inner landscape.


The Perfect Edge is so fine that it is not perceived by the senses. It is so subtle that it sits in the Absolute Center of day and night, both on the dark side and the light. It is the perfect resonance of sound and silence, the ultimate equilibrium of will, force and receptivity. It is the stillness of motion and the inherent dynamism of stillness, the utter union between material form and ethereal space.

In the body's performance of Yoga Aasanas, the edge is the attainable limit, the farthest reach. The perfect edge is never static, ever dynamic.drawing the unified presence of Being into the whole of the body..waking up each and every cell to its unique intelligence and potential. With breath, intention, alertness and awareness, the perfect edge is the culmination of maximum support and minimum exertion, the wonderful dance where the tangible body and its vital partner, the energy force are merged as one.

The edge of the mind is like the ocean and the shore, where infinite horizon and liquid expanse meet definite ground. Wherever the ground of the mind is, at its perfect edge, the sky of consciousness touches, permeates, and penetrates, and holds the mirror of its formless reflection before the little 'i'. Thus mind can remain open and fluid while maintaining its course in a physical universe.

At the perfect edge of mind and body, the infinite 'I' is free of the domination of the little 'i', the 'me', whose tendency is to remain fixed in the shape of the body and its thinking. All great saints and seers throughout the ages have said that this universe is whole, perfect, blissful and one. This is Yoga at its perfect edge, the interface between 'me' and 'I' where the 'me' is the 'I', the 'I' is the 'me'. In every aspect of our lives it is there to be discovered. In and beyond time, mobility and constancy, heaven and earth, the perfect edge is the absolute meeting point where differences dissolve and opposite poles are expressions of the one indivisible space. It is the rarified dance of the timeless Indivisible Whole with its beloved partner, the finite body/mind.