Hatha Yoga ~ session Classes

Yoga Flow Sessions with Maalaa

Friendly-sized classes, personal attention, and hands-on encouragement bring refinement and understanding to each participant's unique practice. Energy flows through whole body sequences and through the concentrated investigation and inquiry into specific areas of the body:

  • Standing poses for strength, stamina and whole body awareness,

  • Back- and forward- bending to stretch, open, and release tightness & tension, evolving and maintaining flexibility, resilience, and spinal health.

  • Arm Balances for upper body and core strength, control, and steadiness.

  • Inversions for heightened circulation, whole-body alignment, balance, and a whole new vantage point of the world!

  • Seated and floor postures for core and abdominal strength, hip openers, stretch, release, rest and relaxation.

  • Synthesis of all the above to keep the body and mind empowered and aligned, vital and alert, every day, all day and all week long.