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Maalaa & Kids' Yoga

Kiva and Maalaa doing Light Bolt Web Maalaa is a life-long Yogi and a leader in the field of Kids' Yoga education. She has been pioneering a creative, fun, and holistic Kids' Yoga program for 30 years enriched by the music, dedication and warmth that she brings to her work. She remains continuously inspired by contemporary Yoga masters, ancient texts, teaching, and her own personal exploration of Yoga. Her Kids' Yoga Teacher Training is offered across the Canada. She is now extending the wealth of Kids' Yoga to kids, everywhere and anytime!

The roots of the Yoga Tree dig down deep...
into your muscles, breath, and bones...
into the way you think and feel...

The trunk of the Yoga Tree is strong as can be.
The biggest wind can't bow it down....

The fruit of the Yoga Tree is tasty and sweet.
It makes you feel great from your head to your feet!

Come-on with us and drink deep.

Now we're gonna meet..... Will, 11 yrs.

Will says:
"Yoga is very good for the mind and body.
It takes concentration and builds determination."

Interview with Will....

Maalaa: When did you start Yoga?

Will: I started doing Yoga in Maalaa's class when I was 9, going on 10.

Maalaa: Is that when you first came to know about Yoga?

Will: I came to hear about Yoga when I was around 5.  I knew it was stretching that was good for you.

Maalaa: Do you think Yoga is good for kids in today's world?

Will: Yes, definitely.  It will help them focus and gain strength and live a better life in the future.

Maalaa: Will Yoga only help them in the future?

Will: No, it helps them throughout their life.

Maalaa: How does Yoga help you in your own life?

Will: To gain strength of body and mind and breath and knowledge of yourself.

Maalaa: What do you think kids need today?

Will: I don't think they need much of anything.  Yoga is something they don't need, but it is good to have.

Maalaa: Would you do Yoga by yourself?

Will: I'd like to.  But I still have to remember to remind myself to do Yoga.