Kids Yoga ~ It's A Yoga birthday Party!

It's A Yoga birthday Garden

What a great way to celebrate your birthday...
doing something great for you, your friends, your family,
and lots of fun, too!

ALIZA, 7 yrs.

CELESTE, 6 yrs.

Yoga means UNITY.

Lets take our body....
Our feet are joined to our legs…
our legs to our groins…our groins to our pelvis…
to our hips…. bellies… ribs…. chest…. back…. spine… shoulders…. arms…. hands… neck… head….
our eyes, ears, tongue, heart, brain….our breath,
our muscles, our organs, our bones.

When we walk or run, we don’t say to our arms,
"Now you swing this way and you swing that way".
We don’t to say to our legs, "You step forward and you stay in one place".

Even more than that, today you came to a birthday party, a YOGA birthday party.

Maybe you thought, ‘O, I am so excited,I have never been
to a Yoga birthday party before.’

Maybe you thought, ‘What kind of strange birthday party is that?’

Maybe you thought, ‘I love birthday parties. I am so excited!’

When you came, you brought all of you: your body parts, your senses, your thinking and feeling.
It’s all together, united in the one person-package you are.
That one person is united with your family, your friends, your school,
your city, your country, your continent, your planet, your galaxy, your sky, your day, your night, your life.
Your package is getting bigger and bigger every day.

Yoga brings it all together, helping each part work together, better and better, with all the other parts.
Some Yoga poses you can do like a champ, some make you sweat, wobble, or even tumble.
Just keep practicing. Don’t mind what you can or can’t do. Each time you learn something new,
each time you do a little bit more…. a little more today, a little more tomorrow,
and before you know it…….there you are!.... A full, blooming LOTUS!!


Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday dear You-hoo! Happy Birthday to You.
And for every day....
Happy Breath day to you! Happy Breath day to You!
Happy Breath day for everyday...
Happy Breath day to You!

"I'll see you at your Yoga Birthday...."