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Why I'm a Yoga Kid : By Kiel Torres

Kiel practicing YogaHi! My name is Kiel Torres and I like to do Yoga! I enjoy Yoga because it makes me feel relaxed and peaceful. When I do Yoga, it also makes me feel as if I was sitting on a cloud. Plus when you do Yoga it makes you look graceful. There are lots of interesting things you can learn by doing Yoga, like stories, poses and songs. My favourite pose in Yoga is the mouse, because it really is relaxing. So that is why I am a YOGA KID!


Why I'm a Yoga Kid : By Samantha & Amanda

Amanda and her family practising YogaSamantha:
am a Yoga Kid because it is fun. I feel relaxed. When we're trying to be something else I can picture myself being it. For example, when we're a dog I can picture myself being a dog. I feel more flexible and healthier since I started doing yoga. Once you start yoga you can't really forget it. You can do yoga anywhere. It is not like tennis where you have to have a tennis court. All you need is every part of your body. One of my favourite poses is the tree because you start in one position and move to another with your hands. I also like yoga because once you do yoga it connects to other things like dancing and gymnastics, making them easier

I’m a Yoga Kid because there are so many things I would like to feel like. In Yoga I found out that you could feel like anything you want to be.

I thought it was impossible to feel like a cat arching its back, mad and hissing. I can also feel like a a happy cat.

Mad cat hisses and happy cat kisses.

I can feel like a tree growing strong and tall.
I can feel like a dog stretching.
I can feel like a cloud floating across the big blue open sky.

Ocean Spirit Breath
I love the ocean spirit breath. It calms me right down. It makes me feel big and open.

Dog Stretch
I think I like stretching like a dog better then lifting up your arms. Once I do the Dog Stretch I feel ready to just flop down on the ground. Now I know why my dog stretches so much.

The Tree Pose
I love the tree pose. I feel so open, like I can almost touch the sky. I feel tall, straight and strong. Just as I think a tree would feel.

Cloud Pose
I think the cloud pose is the most relaxing pose of all of the poses I’ve learned. My mind forgets about all the homework I have and forgets about the math test I have later.
I feel fresh, relaxed and light.

Pompom Blessing
When we do the cloud pose we have a Pompom Blessing. We lie on the ground as Maalaa goes up and down our body with these giant pompoms on a stick. It tickles.

As you can see, there are many reasons why I’m a Yoga Kid.
It’s great for the body
It’s fun for you.
I can be whatever I want to!

Why I'm a Yoga Kid : By Mhairi Newlands

Mhairi practicing YogaI am a Yoga kid because yoga makes me calm and relaxed.

It also clears my mind.