Kids Yoga ~ It's A Yoga Party!

It's A Yoga Party!

A colourful and mellow coming together launches our event as we congregate with our chosen mandala to colour. Each mandala is submitted for a draw, and some lucky winner wins a small prize......but everyone gets a mandala, and no one leaves without being a REAL winner.

One on one, all together, on the ground, in the air, absorbed in thought, presenting a flow of Aasanas before the whole group...the Yoga Party takes many loops and turns through Yoga dimensions, keeping the energy at its peak.

At the Yoga Party, each participant gets to experience his/her own personal exploration, and also has the joy of sharing Yoga with friends and family. When simple Aasanas become increasingly more complex, the assistance of partners encourages and supports great achievements! Here, the Air Balloon shows how we can work together to make Yoga challenges so much more fun.

Everyone is empowered by the unity of intention, direction, concentration, and action. Each event has its own special quality. Across the country, from east to west, we co-create a time to remember with a value that lasts.

The yoga party is filled with wonderful moments. The pace and time flow swiftly through the scenic Yogic landscapes: from stillness, focus, concentration, and introspection to laughter, song, exertion, and abandon....participants never experience a dull moment. People of all ages share in and create the magic.

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