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“I Am Sitting Here” ~ Maalaa Remembers Swami-Ji

One morning, I determined to make it first to Moksh Mandir (Temple of Liberation) where Swami-ji would hold Satsang. Our ashram population was growing, and if I didn’t get there early I was cramped in the doorway. Today, I was up at dawn and I was definitely not going to be cramped! I was there before Swami himself. I couldn’t believe my luck as he came up the stairs, whistling the Sheetkar breath, wearing his customary white doti, white clogs, and navy V-necked sweater. “Aaaaah, it’s Maalaa!”

He joined me on the ledge surrounding the stone structure nestled on the mountain top in the Himalayas and engaged in light chit chat about the beautiful day... Within seconds people began to gather. Soon we were a significant group and we went inside. Swami-ji was in a light-hearted mood and was unbelievably funny. We were riding a great wave of attention focusing on him and his entertaining ways of describing the human mind and its antics.

He laughed at our intensity. “You look at me and you think that I don’t have a mind: I came up the stairs on my way to take a bath when I saw Maalaa sitting. We began to talk, you joined, we all came in here and hours have passed. All this time my mind has been saying “Go take a bath... go take a didn’t take a bath....”

Finally, I said to the mind “look, if you want to take a bath, go take a bath.

I am sitting here.”