Teacher Training

Kids' Yoga Teacher Training

Kids’ Yoga is a bridge that unifies inner and outer…
play and purpose…stillness and motion…the individual and the totality…
body, mind, heart and world…cultures and  languages…
here and there…now and forever….

It can fit into any physical space, does not require any expenditure for equipment, and meets kids where they are at… moving, interacting, observing, reflecting, expressing, singing and dancing…leading naturally and willingly to conscious rest and stillness…to breath and postural awareness…to strength, flexibility, balance, and whole being fitness.
At any and every age and stage, a Kids’ Yoga education is relevant--  to children, parents, educators and care givers alike
in realizing and nurturing happiness and harmony—now and for the whole of our lifetime.

Maalaa’s original Zap Raps, sequential flows, kid-friendly lingo, games, songs, and Yoga activities sow the seeds of life that teach without teaching... inviting children and adults alike to hop on the Path of Happiness where they can root, reach, and grow in wholeness,  health and helpfulness for themselves, one another, and the whole world.

Yoga + Kids = an awesome combination that unleashes the potential for human excellence!

This training is dedicated to the evolution and illumination of spirit, encouraging children and facilitators alike:

  • to play and interact spontaneously and creatively with life
  • to continue to realize the unifying power of Yoga study and practice and its impact on our lives and the world around us
  • to respect and honor all beings
  • to live in gratitude for and service to this world
  • to take responsibility for actions, thoughts, feelings and interactions
  • to create the reality we want to live, moment to moment
  • to do all the above authentically and unconditionally!

Skills and Insights you will learn in a weekend module of Kids' Yoga Teacher Training....

  1. The vibrant practice of age-friendly and age-appropriate Yoga Aasanas for concentration, postural and spatial awareness, strength, and perseverance.
  2. Communicate the power of stillness. Stillness is not merely keeping the body still.  Stillness is centered-ness....the conscious, energetic presence that permeates the body. Our body is the wonderful tool through which it can be directly realized.
  3. Breathing techniques and awareness for balance, calm, energy, and motion.
  4. Offer challenging & evolving Yoga flow sequences that instill and evolve strength, balance, flexibility, fearlessness, and alertness.
  5. Stimulate children into thinking, reflecting, communicating, and connecting meaningfully with themselves and with each other.
  6. Awaken an experiential understanding of anatomy bringing new appreciation to the workings of the body.
  7. Fine tune language, phrasing, and communication skills to connect with the understanding of children of all ages. 
  8. Offer safe and healthy challenges that develop focus, commitment, sensitivity, and strength.
  9. Introduce awareness of posture, breath, and whole body vitality with techniques that engage and delight children.
  10. Empower kids to rest and relax the body and mind, very useful in times of stress, sadness, fear, disappointment....in other words, while growing up!
  11. Awaken the spirit of inner inquiry, exploration and discovery with simple and tangible ‘Yoga Science’ examples that communicate abstract concepts.
  12. Unite participants of all ages with group challenges, bringing kids of different ages to work together and share meaningfully with one another.
  13. Encourage character development through concentration, discipline, perseverance, one-pointedness.
  14. Create an atmosphere for expression and discussion in which children feel safe to openly discuss issues that deeply concern them, such as the challenge of friendship or the death of a loved one.
  15. Encourage appreciation for this marvellous Creation and the body we live through with incredible facts of life.
  16. Harmonize your love of Yoga and love of kids with fun, creative content to stimulate the intelligent inquiry that is relevant and inspiring to all.
  17. Flow with children's spontaneity and discover the creativity and playfulness that Yoga inspires
  18. Find effective and complimentary relationships between subjects like geography, math, reading, science, and Yoga.
  19. Cultivate the confidence and executive power to launch your Kids’ Yoga Program!
  20. Love it!  Live it! Spread the Joy!

What you can personally look forward to through this program:

  • Validate and liberate the inner child.
  • Open to the power of innocence, playfulness, and personal authenticity.
  • Feel postures take on new life, energy and meaning with strategic steps and a steady pace.
  • Release and activate your creative power to bring Yoga flows to life with music, poetry, story, imagination, and simple, user-friendly guided descriptions.
  • Access the freedom to innovate with games, art activities, and science experiments.
  • Incorporate fun partner work that defines and fine tunes alignment, cultivates mutual respect and sensitivity, and encourages creativity.
  • Deepen the awareness of wearing ‘Yoga’ in body and mind, living Yoga NOW, today and every day!
  • Cultivate the readiness to launch your Kids’ Yoga Program


“My heart feels like I shed an old outer layer and I am feeling shiny, new and golden.  I do not recall having laughed so much since I was a child.  I dropped my inhibitions and felt free of all the years of social conditioning.  I also feel that I have learned more about the breath, bandhas and teaching Aasana than ever before.  Thank you, Maalaa, for sharing your knowledge. ~Julie Fournier, N. Vancouver

This experience has allowed me to reconnect with my inner child and to recognize that the joy and freedom of our true infinite nature is a connection found in us all.  How very beautiful and uplifting. ~Gina Leung, UK

An important lesson from this course is to find inspiration…from the main philosophy of yoga that we are all one, all connected to one another, and the earth around us. It has become my point ‘A’ for teaching; my base. It is something everyone can relate to, something that I now know is relevant for teaching yoga. Inspiration suddenly is everywhere: in the trees, in the mountain tops, the air,the animals etc. I find myself feeling less uptight about what to do, and can see possibility and vision in my own teaching. ~ Amanda Jonusas, Sweden