Teacher training

Foundation Module:

This module is represented in all the subsequent modules. All the basic features of Kids' Yoga, such as class structure, Aasana flows, basic principles, Yoga vocabulary that speaks to kids, what are the suitable ages for various stages, teaching tips, safety, themes, stories, poems, songs....all this and more are covered during our weekend reunion.

I Can Do Yoga Too

Yoga For Pre-Schoolers:
This module focuses on bringing the Kids' Yoga wealth to children up to 5 yrs. of age.

A Kids' 'I' View:

Who are today's kids? What gets them going? What turns them off?
What intimidates them? What attracts them?

Kids want to (not necessarily in this order)

  • know their power
  • feel safe
  • move and discover their bodies
  • rise to a challenge
  • have fun
  • be accepted by other kids
  • like themselves
  • de-stress
  • be heard

In this session we explore these questions and answers in the light of Yoga, and see how Kids' Yoga can make a difference to kids in the way they wake up in the morning, relate to their friends and family, feel and know their bodies, themselves and the world around them, and so much more Yoga offers something unique. It attracts the attention of our children to the inner experience, the one at the source of all experiences. For many of them, this connection will offer them the stable ground of their own being their whole lives long.


Kids' Yoga calms, cools, collects, and heats up the ante wherever you need it most. "Yoga Goes to School" offers kids a way to become self aware -- exploring the marvel of breath, cultivating strength, discipline, patience, flexibility and balance, relaxation and peace. Great for kids, and if it's possible, even greater for teachers! This workshop brings some great techniques for keeping a rambunctious group focused, maintaining balance, keeping energy dynamic throughout the day, and introducing an effective boost when it's needed.