Teacher training ~ Kids yoga @ school module

Yoga Goes to School:

Bringing Yoga to the classroom is an exciting prospect. The Sun Salutation includes the discussion of the marvels of the intensity of the sun's heat, its age and dimension. We look around and identify the sun's role in so many of the things around us. Mountains, animals, geometric shapes, scientific facts, social sciences....all these can be enlivened and internalized with Yoga postures. Whether we are doing "Thank You Yoga" with little ones, or studying the phenomenon of a bridge's construction as we perform Setu Bandhaasana (the bridge pose) with older children, Yoga and scholastic learning are mutually enriching. We take a look at some of the fun and wonderful ways to think about our life and our world with Yoga Talks. Techniques that are tried and true bring calm with a few words and gestures, or boost the energy when the steam is fizzling out.