Teacher training ~ Testimonials

Thank you so much for a marvelous weekend learning how to play again, and showing me how to bring that playfulness to my yoginis through yoga
Thank you so much for inviting Evan and Kalin to the yoga party on Sunday. They had a wonderful time -- and so did I.
Just wanted to tell you what a great experience the workshop was
~ Joan Littlejohn
Thank you again for the kids yoga workshop this weekend. I appreciated hearing your stories and your philosophy. You are inspiring!
Thank you for doing your inaugural Kid's Yoga workshop.......it was a wonderful learning experience - with delight and playfulness. You have a magical gift of dealing with children - it was apparent the children and adults alike were captivated!!
I wanted to let you know that Tuesday was the 'big day' for me teaching yoga to kids at the YW. It turned out to be 2 - 75 min. classes of 15 girls. Without the training from you at Roots and Wings the week before, I would not have known how to prepare a fun, challenging class for them. As it was, 'Christie' came up to me at the end of the class asking for a hug, because I made her feel soooo good. It was an amazing experience for me, with all the kids, and I know they enjoyed it, too.
I must tell you how much I enjoyed participating in the Teacher Training. I have taught young children for many years but adding yoga to my teaching is going to be very exciting.
Your program received great accolades from the children who participated and parents and teachers who happened to stop by during the sessions. I think you have a wonderful way with the children
I had been wondering what teaching yoga to kids would be like, and you brought clarity and joy to that picture!’
~Lucia Lundin
Thank-you for such a great afternoon of yoga. You created a fun, energetic and peaceful surrounding. It was really nice to be a part of a group of families in creating a blissful afternoon. I know that Mackenzie and Jordan enjoyed themselves; I thanked them for sharing their time and energy and told them that it was my highlight of my day. And they responded "yes it was mine too and it was so much fun". Outstanding Maalaa.
~ Teresa
Life in China is wonderful and full of newness and yoga. I teach Yoga at the Pre-Kindergarten at The International School of Macao [3 yr.olds]. I have utilized so much of your workshop materials/CD to assist me in my teaching.
~ Kirby
Thanks Maalaa...we both loved the class it was a very special .....it was great to be able to spend such beautiful peaceful time with my daughter.
~ Rochelle